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Stefan Salvatore & Bonnie Bennett

Stefan & Bonnie
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Stefan Salvatore & Bonnie Bennett (The Vampire Diaries)


Welcome to stefanbonnie, a community dedicated to the relationship between Stefan Salvatore & Bonnie Bennett from the tv show, The Vampire Diaries and the book series of the same title by L.J. Smith.
If you're a fan, please join! If you don't ship them, then obviously don't. If you're a SB shipper we wouldn't want to hear you ever saying, "I ship Stefan/Bonnie but I prefer Stefan with ??? or Bonnie with ???", since there's a chance the other ships may get bashed in this community.

We ask you to please READ the rules before joining & posting!!


-Only join if you ship Stefan/Bonnie. This was made for Stefonnie fans only.
-Only post things related to either Stefan/Bonnie, their characters individually or the actors who play them. Anything off-topic will be deleted.
-NEVER BASH Stefan/Bonnie, the characters or the actors that play them. We won't kill you if you bash any of the other ships, characters or actors though.
-Be friendly to other members. Cause any trouble and you're out!
-Use the LJ cut appropriately. When posting spoilers, make sure to put them behind a cut. When posting a large amount of pictures put them behind a cut. Even if it's only one picture, if it's large sized, still put it behind a cut.
-When making an icon post, make sure to have atleast 3 icons including S/B or Paul/Katerina as the preview icons. With wallpaper, banners, etc posts, there needs to be atleast one preview featuring S/B. If you don't do this, your post will be deleted.
-If you want to post fanfiction, firstly either put the story behind a cut or link it to another place. Stefan/Bonnie NEEDS to be the main couple of the fanfic. And you must add this (& obviously fill in) at the start;

If you need help with the rating, then look here.
-TAG YOUR POST! We don't want to be the ones who have to tag your post for you. Check the tag list & choose tags which you think are suitable. If you're unsure then leave a note of that in the post of yours & we will sort it out for you =]
-DO NOT link to locked journals! Even if the post will be temporarily public & then locked, we still don't want it. If you are ever going to link back to your own journal or comm, the post must be forever public.
-Remember this journal is for 14 years & over, so nothing unsuitable please, unless it's behind a cut with a warning.
-If you want to promote a community or affiliate, go here.

If you have any questions/suggestions, go here

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Since this is a new community, we'd love as much support as possible, so if you'd like to help, you could post the following on your own journal;